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If you are over 33 years old, you look more like your mother than you think

If you are over 33 years old, you look more like your mother than you think

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Every time you look more like your mother, and it is something that you have to assume. Every day, you become a little bit more her, and you may not even be aware of it. And I'm not telling you, I don't really even know you, a new study carried out in the UK says so. From the age of 33, women start the transformation process towards our mothers… For better and for worse. But what is behind all this?

The first time I read this study I thought that it could not be true ... Or rather, that I am the exception that proves the rule. Me? Just like my mother? The truth is that they have always told us that physically we are two drops of water, but in terms of our way of being ... However, after stopping for a moment to think, I realized that I also have to put myself in the bag.

The other day, I discovered myself discarding a pair of panties with the past rubber "in case something happened to me and I had to go to the doctor." Not to mention that now I too rummage through supermarket refrigerators for the most frozen peas of all.

However, what has ‘hurt me the most’ is realizing that my mother has given me that mania of place your sofa cushions with NASA precision before you leave home. And that is what I always said vehemently: "I will never make my children wait at the door to put the pillows on!" But ... I ended up falling (they look so pretty when they are well placed).

Yes, I also increasingly ‘am’ more like my motheras explained by researcher Dr. Julian De Silva, from Harley Street Medical Center. And we all end up looking a lot like our parents, however, the age at which this happens is earlier than you might think, nothing more and nothing less than 33 years ... In our thirties!

To reach these conclusions, the researchers asked about 2,000 people when they began to notice that they behaved the same as their parents. When did they begin to like the same television programs, to say the same phrases, to have the same reactions ... And the data has spoken: 52% of women begin to 'be' their mothers between the ages of 30 and 35, while 26% between 35 and 40 years, and 10% between 40 and 50.

But why is this transformation occurring so soon? The doctor leading this study says that the key is the moment when we become parents. Having children is the most likely trigger that starts this ‘mimicry’. After all, the way we were raised it is reflected in the type of education we provide to our kids.

In addition, it is logical to think that you begin to behave like your mother when you become something similar to your mother ... that is, when the first wrinkles begin to appear, when your worst enemy begins to be cellulite, when losing weight is no longer so easy as before ...

But we must warn you that, according to this study, it also happens to men, so your partner also has started to become your father-in-law (horror?).

What can we get out of all this? On the one hand, it will be necessary to continue studying the matter, since its conclusions are somewhat limited by the size of the sample. This means that you don't have to obsess over it and that you you can be who you want to be regardless of your mother.

But, on the other hand, this research puts in the spotlight the importance of the example in education. Our children do not do what we tell them, but what they see us do. And so we must be aware of this arduous task that rests on our shoulders with the lightness of an elephant at the moment we become parents: we have to become a role model that is positive.

After considering studies like this, I feel even more wanting to become the best version of myself; for me, but above all for my children.

And having said all this, there is only one thing left to make very clear: it is an honor to be becoming a little more my mother every day. Thanks Mom!

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