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How to relieve infant colic with reflexology

How to relieve infant colic with reflexology

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Infant colic is a very frequent problem in pediatric consultations. It is usually diagnosed in 15-40% of children in the first three months of life, regardless of the type of breastfeeding with which they are fed, maternal or artificial.

It tends to occur in infants with a sensitive temperament and less need for sleep than normal. The baby may cry at times or almost all of the time and in the late afternoon they are usually extremely irritable, but they could get colic at any time of the day.

As parents, this specific problem will generate great anxiety and concern due to crying, but remember that it is a benign process that will resolve spontaneously around four months, leaving no type of sequelae for the baby.

Much has been said about the causes and many are the research works related to colic, but the reality is that currently the exact cause of infant colic is unknown. The digestive causes that children present seem to be related to the immaturity of the newborn's intestine, there may be an allergy to cow's milk proteins, hypermotility, gases and something that we should never rule out, the psychological causes. Our attitudes and thoughts, along with our stress and anxiety are perceived by our baby.

Your pediatrician will be the most indicated to diagnose your baby with infant colic, but here is a list of the most common symptoms

- Inconsolable crying crisis, frowns and often turn very red from crying

- The baby stiffens, is restless, irritated, upset, agitated; seems hungry but does not calm down with food or breast

- He flexes his legs on the abdomen and presents a bulge in the gut due to accumulation of gases in the intestine.

- Regurgitation of milk, constipation or colitis may occur

The practice of reflexology in babies requires special attention. The manipulations should be more subtle and gentle than in an adult. This is because the baby will have pain in the reflexes that represent the digestive system in the foot, especially in the large intestine and small intestine, and will not allow us to touch him if we harm him. Therefore, the movements must be accurate and energetic but smooth and the pressure will gradually increase.

The position to give the reflexology technique will be the most comfortable for the baby and for those who perform the massage, in the case of foot reflexology, we will look for the position that allows us to see the soles of the baby's feet. Lying on our knees when its size is not very large yet it is one of the favorites and lying on the bed or in the armchair, it is the one chosen when its length no longer allows the previous position, but above all and the most important thing is the comfort of who is going to perform the massage.

We must be relaxed, comfortable and with the feeling that time will stop during the massage. We will talk to the baby as we work on him using a warm and loving voice. Remember that for the adult to support the back on something stable that keeps it straight helps to be relaxed and not in tension.

The frequency to perform the technique in cases of colic will be daily trying to avoid the moment of crisis. The reason is to go ahead to avoid it, but if we had to do it at the time of crisis, it can be done without any fear. But remember, if the technique is well applied, the relief of colic symptoms will be evident from the first day.

The reflex areas to be treated are: Solar Plexus, Pituitary Gland, Head, Meridians, Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Vagus Nerve Spine, Lymphatic Ganglia, Lymphatic Drainage.

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