Children's fables. The goose that laid the golden eggs

Children's fables. The goose that laid the golden eggs

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The moral includes a value to educate children in an enjoyable and simple way. With the short fable'The goose that laid the golden eggs'Children will learn to appreciate what they have.

Thanks to fables we can not only amuse and entertain children, they are also an excellent vehicle to transmit teachings. These are short stories, starring animals and that usually have a moral at the end.

Once upon a time there was a farmer and his wife had a hen that laid a golden egg every day.

They assumed that the hen must contain a large lump of gold inside, and to try to get it in one go, they killed it.

In doing this they found, to their surprise, that the hen differed in nothing from their other hens. The naive pair, hoping to become rich in one go, deprived themselves from now on of the income of which they had secured day by day.

There was a hen that laid a golden egg to the owner every day.

Even with so much profit, badly happy,

wanted the rich greedy

discover the gold mine at once,

and find more treasure in less time.

Matola; open her belly for a count;

but after having registered it

what happened?

That, when the hen died, it lost its golden egg, and found no mine.

How many are there having enough,

they want to get rich instantly,

embracing projects sometimes of such rapid effects,

that only in a few months,

when marquises were already contemplated,

counting their millions,

they saw each other in the street without panties!

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