Babies go to the theater

Babies go to the theater

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Babies up to 3 years old can also go to the theater. Through a visual and sound show, brushed by different and varied colors, shapes and different rhythms and sounds, babies receive stimulation to the senses of sight and hearing. The interpretation can represent a stimulus to the creativity and fantasy of the little ones.

In their first months of life, babies still do not have fully developed senses such as sight or hearing. Thinking about it, children's theater companies in Spain and other countries, created a type of stage work to stimulate babies through the music and the images. The little ones discover with this type of show a visual and sound universe, a world of different and varied colors, shapes, different rhythms and sounds.

France is the pioneer country in this type of show aimed at babies, which was born in 2001, through the meeting of two actresses and a musician. They started with the Pom show until 2005. In 2006 they started the Rompiendo el Cascarón cycle, which is now continuing with Hop Lá !, in its fourth edition.

Although it generates controversy among those who deny that it is a theatrical show and others who defend this new trend created for babies carried by their parents, theater groups dedicated to children under three years of age are gaining momentum and it is also known how they have reached countries in Latin America.

Theater or not theater, it will be the critics of this genre who define it, it is an excellent option to stimulate the baby's senses and induce art, another alternative for parents who enjoy exposing children to culture since they are little ones.

Babies can also enjoy theater. In just 30 minutes, which should take a play for babies, the baby can immerse himself in a world full of stimuli that will awaken his emotions, imagination and sensitivity. After all, theater can bring babies:

- an intense living of a new experience

- an encounter with different shapes, colors, sounds, movements, which speak much more than words.

- an encounter with magic, with the unexpected and surprising.

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