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Traditional Easter sweets and desserts for children

Traditional Easter sweets and desserts for children

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Easter is a very traditional date in many countries of the world where it is celebrated with parties and events in which the whole family participates such as processions, decorating and hiding Easter eggs, religious activities ...

One of the traditions related to Holy Week is gastronomic. Since these are dates when, according to Christian belief, meat cannot be eaten, it is an ideal time to cook stews, legumes, fish and ... sweets for children! We show you the most typical and exquisite desserts that are eaten at Easter, and we teach you how to do them, step by step.

These are some of the most sweet typical easter that you can make at home with the help of the children, they are very simple and all of them ... delicious!

French toast. We offer you the best Easter toast recipes for children. Easter is a very special time to prepare some typical dishes, we suggest you try a recipe for children of torrijas, the most typical sweet of these dates. Different ways of making Easter toast.

Chocolate Easter eggs. We will tell you, step by step, how to make chocolate Easter eggs, at home, with the children. The Easter holidays are a good time to make fun and curious recipes for children such as chocolate Easter eggs. Learn to do it with your children.

Fried donuts. Fried donuts recipe. They are one of the most traditional grandmother sweets. our site offers a recipe for children easy to prepare and very economical. Easter recipes for children.

Rice pudding. Rice pudding recipe for children. This rice pudding will transport you to your childhood, do not miss the opportunity to share this traditional dessert with your children.

Fried milk How to make fried milk, step by step with this recipe that our site brings us. A typical dessert of Spanish gastronomy. Grandmothers homemade recipe. A delicious and easy-to-make Carnival treat for kids to enjoy.

Andalusian pestiños. Pestiños are a traditional Andalusian sweet that you can prepare for children during the Christmas, Carnival or Easter holidays. our site invites us to prepare the recipe for this dessert, step by step. The pestiños recipes are ideal for both breakfast or snack.

Fritters. Homemade wind fritters. our site offers you a traditional and homemade recipe of delicious wind fritters for children. Buñuelos de viento are fried dumplings covered in sugar and cinnamon. They are ideal for the family snack and breakfast.

Bunny shaped buns. Bunny-shaped bread buns recipe for kids. Easy recipes for children. Sweet buns for children in the shape of a rabbit. Bunny buns for Easter with children. Bread recipes for children.

Easter buns. Easter Buns are a typical Easter recipe in Anglo-Saxon countries. On our site we tell you how to make the Hot Cross Buns for children step by step. Buns for children at Easter.

Easter bunny muffin. Carrot Muffins. The Easter bunny is one of the best known symbols of Holy Week. Make a recipe for kids for bunny-shaped carrot muffins.

Easter Mona. Mona's Easter recipe. This Easter sweet is a typical food in the Spanish regions of Valencia and Catalonia, although it is also eaten in the Castilian-La Mancha region and in some areas of Murcia. It is usually consumed on Easter days and it is customary to crack the egg on the forehead of another person.

Easter donuts. Homemade recipe for Easter donuts, step by step. our site offers us an easy and simple recipe to prepare with children. Ideal for a snack or dessert at Easter. Follow our homemade donut recipe to sweeten the holidays with the kids.

Easter cookies. Vanilla Chocolate Bunny Cookie Recipe. Cookies decorated in the shape of a bunny. Easter bunny cookie recipe for kids. Easy recipes for Easter with children.

Magic Easter eggs. Open cadabra, crowfoot ... they look like chicken eggs, but they're actually brownie eggs A culinary trompe l'oeil recipe for Easter that you are going to love. Take note of how to make these original Easter eggs.

Fried Easter milk. How delicious these Homemade Chicken Nuggets look! What if we tell you that they are not Nuggets? Surprise! It's actually fried milk, and it's one of the trompe l'oeil recipes that we present to you on site. A very original recipe to surprise all the members of your family at Easter.

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