Food jokes for kids

Food jokes for kids

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Children really like being told jokes and having a good time with them, so that you can make them laugh we offer you a selection of jokes for children about food. Jokes stimulate children's good humor, encourage laughter, develop vocabulary, stimulate communication, amuse them and provoke good and great laughter in your children.

Enjoy with your children our funny selection of jokes about foods, fruits, vegetables and other foods, for children. The whole family will laugh !:

What did the sugar say to the milk? See you at the cafe.

How does a tomato sneeze?

- Catsuuuuuup !!!!!

There was a tomato and a pear at the bus stop and he asks the tomato to the pear:

- How long have you been waiting?

And the pear answers:

- Since I was born.

An apple is waiting at a bus stop and a peach comes up and asks:

- How long have you been waiting?

And the apple answers:

- I'm not pear. I am apple.

What did the spoon say to the gelatin?

- Don't tremble, coward!

There are a bunch of apples on a tree and suddenly one falls off All of the above begin to laugh and make fun of the one who has fallen and she responds:

- Don't laugh, Immature!

What did the onion tell the cook?

You are so hypocritical that after you break me, you cry.

A child says to his mother:

- Mom, mom, how delicious is paella. And her mother answers:

- Well repeat, son. And the son says:

- Mom, Mom, how delicious is the paella.

What does one noodle say to another?

Hey, my body wants salsa !!!

1st act: a man sells cakes.

2nd act: the same man sells more cakes.

3rd act: the same man sells meat.

How is the movie called?

- The ex-artist.

- These are two olives that are doing mountaineering and one of them falls down and says:

- Ugh! What a pain, I think I have broken a bone. And the other says:

- But are you stupid or what? How are you going to break a bone if you are stuffed with anchovy?

What did a green grape say to a purple grape?

Breath breath...

What did a cherry say when it saw itself in a mirror?

Will it be me?

How to get out of the desert with an orange? The orange has vitamins, you take away vitamins and you have mines, the mines explode and an earthquake occurs, you take away earth from the earthquake and you have a motorcycle, you get on the motorcycle and you go.

There was a very small boy but so small that he passed by a candy store, his mouth watered and he drowned.

First scene: A grape scores 0 on a test.
Scene 2: A grape scores 3.5 on a test.
Third scene: The same grape scores 5 on a test.
What is the title of the work?
The grape raisins .. !!

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