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The time change and the children

The time change and the children

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Why should we move the hands of the clock when summer and winter come? How difficult it is to explain the time change to children, especially to the children of the house, since they are the ones who have the most difficult adaptation to the time change.

How do you explain the new schedule to your child? It is difficult for parents with young children. For them, the time change tells them nothing. Early on, they will be jumping on their parents 'bed or saying softly in their ears:' Mom, Dad, I'm not sleepy anymore.

'Mom, I'm already hungry. That is what many children who have not yet learned about the hours will say or who usually wake up, be it a weekday, Saturday or Sunday, at the same time as always. The time change, affects children and the elderly more, because they have a lower capacity to adapt than others.

The time delay involves a change in the intensity and duration of daylight, which can cause a feeling of tiredness, fatigue, mood swings, poor concentration, headaches and drowsiness. At the end of the day it is as if we were experiencing a small or mini 'jet lag'.

Each child is unique and so is also in its way of adapting to new situations like the change of house, of transport, of schedules. There are children who adapt quickly and there are others who may take up to 3 or 4 days to get used to the new situation. When my daughter was very young we used to change all the clocks in the house in the afternoon before the change. So she already had to go to bed to sleep with the new schedule. And it worked.

The good thing about summer time is that it will dawn an hour earlier, although in the afternoon, we will lose an hour of light. Keep in mind that the new schedule will allow us to do more sports, go for a walk or be in the park with the children until dinner time. And the good thing about winter time is that on the day of the change, they sleep one more hour ... So this week you have to have a little more patience with the children. They may be more restless, they do not feel like eating an hour later and their sleep is more disturbed. It will be a few days and nothing more.

Time changes not only affect adults but especially children. Therefore, parents should prepare their children in advance. Follow some tips so that children's adaptation to the time change is not a nightmare.

1. Change the routines of the house a few days before

A good trick is to advance all the tasks or routines of the house a few days before the time change. The best thing is to advance about 15 minutes the time to wake up, the time to eat, dinner or go to bed. Thus, the children adapt in a calmer way.

2. Explain to the children why the time change

Children need to understand the why of the time change. It is important for parents to talk about the energy savings involved if we all cooperate with the time change, spring and fall.

3. Time change in nursing babies

Adjusting to a new schedule will also cost nursing babies. To help them adapt, it is best to advance each shot ten minutes every two or three days, little by little. So he will not notice.

If due to the time change, children have to sleep less or more, the consequences are different for each child. Typically, on the first day of the change, children can:

  • Become more restless
  • Being more irritable and surly
  • Be more sensitive
  • Be more tired and listless
  • Have trouble concentrating and paying attention

If your child exhibits any of these behaviors, be patient. First, because the effects will pass in a few days, and second, because they will also happen to adults. It will cost us more to do our homework.

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