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Culinary recipes. Easter donuts

Culinary recipes. Easter donuts

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Do you want to learn how to make these delicious donuts for your children? Easter donuts are one of the most traditional sweet recipes and the most consumed during Holy Week. It is a very typical sweet of this holiday. If you want to try it, know its peculiar way of preparing it. It teaches us to elaborate it, step by step, in a very simple way. Happy Easter!

Ingredients for 20 donuts

- 1 cup of wheat flour

- 3 spoonfuls of sugar

- 3 tablespoons baking powder

- 1 cup (coffee) of corn oil

- 1 egg

- grated rind of ½ lemon

- Sugar


Beat the egg with the sugar. Remember that for each egg used 3 tablespoons of sugar are used. Add the oil, yeast and lemon zest. Add the flour little by little until it forms a dough that does not stick to your fingers. Shape balls the size of a large walnut with your hands, making a hole in the center and forming rings.

Fry the donuts in hot oil, let them drain on absorbent paper and then overflow them in the crystallized sugar or, if children prefer, in chocolate noodles, strawberries, etc. Serve them warm or cold. It's a good idea for children to enjoy for breakfast, dessert, or snack.

Good Easter!

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