How to recycle your children's small or old clothes

How to recycle your children's small or old clothes

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Give your used clothes a second chance. If your child has hit a stretch and now the pants are above the ankles, or you have lost one of your favorite socks in that black hole that is the washing machine, or you keep those bell bottoms that are more outdated than the reel photos, you can join the Do it Yourself! and take advantage of all those useless clothes.

We are going to give you 7 tricks to recycle your children's old clothes.

1- Patch leggings

My daughters do not get to wear the same two days leggings without having a hole in the knees. And conventional knee pads are not an option because they are usually made of hard fabric, while the legging is elastic, which causes the pants to break where you have passed the thread. What is the solution?

I usually save the Tshirts that have beautiful drawings and that have been small to use as a patch. I cut out the part of the drawing that I like and that fits the torn one, and sew it on top. Being elastic, it yields just as well as the leggin itself.

2- Solutions for pants that have fallen short

In this case there are two solutions: the first is to put a added in the final part with a piece of other pants. It is better if the pattern is very different, although coordinated, so that it seems that the addition is part of the design.

Another option is to convert the long pants into shorts, and if we prefer, we can add a final finish to give it a funnier look.

3- What can we do with the skirts that have become too small?

I usually turn them into cases or bags for children.

To make the case we will not need anything more than to sew the bottom part, and put some buttons on the waistband of the skirt, or better a velcro.

If you are a bit more crafty, you can make a bag for kids. You just have to sew the bottom of the skirt and put two strips to hang.

4- What do we do with the small t-shirts that we like a lot?

My daughters have favorite shirts that they have worn until they no longer entered their minds. In those cases, if the shirt still survives the dozens of washes and chocolate stains, I usually turn them into snack bags or travel underwear bags. You just have to cut the central part and sew the bottom part. To close it, the best thing to do is make a fold and put a shoelace inside.

5- Another option is to make a shirt into a scarf for children

You just have to trim the bottom of the shirt and make thin strips. Then you knot the strips and the scarf is made.

6- And that loose sock that has been around for weeks waiting for the couple that will never appear?

Well, we will make a case to carry the children's paintings without having to remove a needle. We just have to put the paintings inside and we turn the heel around the pencils.

7- How to recycle sneakers?

Lastly, I want to show you a trick I use to recycle dirty children's sneakers. I clean the rubber around it with greaseproof, and all grass and sidewalk stains are removed. And I replace the laces with a colored rubber band, making a knot at each end, so they don't have to be tied anymore.

So from now on, reserve a drawer to store all that old clothes But what do you like, because you are going to extend its useful life, and in this way you help the environment.

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