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The anger of the vowels. Children's story to learn letters

The anger of the vowels. Children's story to learn letters

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Your child will love this story! This children's story to learn letters It will make you think about the importance of the alphabet and the words that surround us. It is titled 'The anger of the vowels' and talks about the consequences that a fight between the letters would have.

Take advantage of this story for children to spend a fun time with the family and to practice reading with the little ones in the house. Enjoy it a lot!

One morning the vocal letters fought each other, and they got so angry, so angry, that they promised never to get together in the same words.

Alarmed, the consonants of the alphabet went to talk to them, but they were so stubborn that there was no way to convince them.

Within a few days vowels a and o, they started to feel bad. As they did not meet each other, they did not find 'company', 'solidarity', or 'love' and, although she had 'color', she could not count it.

The letters e and i they did not feel 'happiness' again, they were left without 'intelligence' and they showed no interest in 'anything'.

The letter u since she lost her good 'humor', she couldn't do something she wishes she could do: 'grumble' and bite her 'nails'.

Stubborn the vowels still did not give their arm to twist. Over time they realized that they had lost the 'euphoria' of the first moments, and that they had all lost with anger.

One day Aurelio and Eulalio arrived, two grandparents who were somewhat rheumatic and who had lost all their meaning by bearing their names all the vowels, and they said very sadly:

- If you continue so stubborn not to join, you are going to kill us while we are alive. We will disappear. No one will name us again.

The vowels reflected on the words of the two grandparents. A multitude of precious words would disappear from the world; it would be very difficult to express themselves and communicate with others if they were still angry.

At last the vowels made peace. The alphabeth he was very happy and the grandparents Aurelio and Eulalio were once again happy knowing that they would not lose their identity, and their names would be spoken again.

Did you like this story? Has your son laughed? Once you have finished reading it, it is time to check if the child has understood the story, if he was paying attention or if he needs to improve his reading ability. For this, we propose some reading comprehension questions.

They are based on this story, but they are not too complicated, so you can also ask your children if you are reading the story while they listen to you. In case your children are not able to answer them, we recommend that you read the story again. Surely as soon as you start all the answers come to mind.

1. When they got angry, what did the vowels decide to do?

2. What were the names of the grandparents who came to see you?

3. Why did the lyrics decide to reconcile?

Once you have answered the questions, we suggest that you start a small talk based on what you have been reading. You can start asking your children for their opinion of the story. As a game, you can work on his empathy by proposing that he put himself in the shoes of one of the characters in this children's story. How would he react in your case?

Listen to everything they have to say, as you may be very surprised by their responses. Plus, your kids will love feeling heard and knowing that their opinion matters to you.

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