Devil's Alphabet, the sadistic challenge that seriously hurts children

Devil's Alphabet, the sadistic challenge that seriously hurts children

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I remember when I was little and I had to get up every morning to go to school ... My sheets didn't stick, I didn't get lazy, and I didn't argue with my mother! My school was a place where I was happy: I played with my friends, learned new things, had fun ... That is why, when I listen and read news about the different practices that many students do to their classmates there, I suffer thinking if my daughters will ever get to participate -actively or passively- in some of these games and I am afraid of what they might experience at school. Have you heard of devil's alphabet, the sadistic game that causes injuries in children?

Do you see the photo above? Do you know what is behind this image? They are the hands of an 8-year-old boy with serious injuries, the price he had to pay to want to join a "club". Incredible true?

And it is that if the parents had already forgotten the Blue Whale, the game that incited suicide, and we had lowered the alerts after learning that Momo was a fake news, now it turns out that in some schools and institutes in Spain someone has thought of it rescue from oblivion the Devil's Abedecario or also known as Chinese alphabet.

It is a dangerous and sadistic viral game in which two people participate. One of them must recite the alphabet aloud and say a word that begins with each of the 28 letters that compose it. Meanwhile, the other person, the one who has "invited him to play" will mark each of the letters that the partner says on his hands and wrists. To do this, you will use your own nails, a pair of scissors or even a knife and will increase the speed and pressure as letters are passed.

Can you imagine the wounds that a person can have after going through this ordeal? And, what is worse, the consequences of this physical (infections) and psychological damage for the minor (fear, refusal to go to school)?

Apparently the devil alphabet is one more of the viral games in vogue among teenagers. There are two more, cutting and the 48 hour challenge, which you need to know to be aware of the danger they entail:

- Cutting
Perhaps equal to or even more dangerous than the devil's own alphabet. The idea is that, with the help of a cutter, the person makes different marks on different parts of the body (wrists, feet or even their soles) and then upload a photo to Instagram accompanied by the message 'Challenge achieved '. A way of "showing" that you have endured the pain and that you are "brave", as if this quality is measured by the wounds that one has in the body.

- Challenge 48 hours
Perhaps for young people this game can be very funny, but that is because they do not think about their parents. Challenge 48 hours consists in that, voluntarily, a person decides to disappear from the face of the earth for two days with the intention that his friends and family, worried and desperate, send him a lot of messages to try to locate him. He, of course, will not be able to communicate with anyone. The winner is the one with the most messages on the mobile phone after that time.

It is clear that to fight against this type of madness that is becoming fashionable among young people, teachers and parents we must be united and, in the event of an alarm, be communicated, but it is also true that from home we have to educate our children:

- We must help them to have personality and not to get carried away by "blackmail". If someone asks you to hurt yourself just for joining a club and being your friend, tell them that this person is not worth it! Friendship is not pressure.

- We have to teach them that it is okay to ask for help. If at any time they feel obliged to do something against their will, they should talk to their tutor or someone from the center, tell a friend about it, but we must also show them that they can count on us for whatever they need.

- Explain that these viral games are harmful and tell them about the consequences they can have on their overall health. Show them the photo above, they will surely understand it the first time!

- Tell them to avoid, as much as possible, that partner / s who follow these viral challenges and, also, that they ignore the comments that can be said about him. They only do it to harm you!

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